What is Sitrad PRO?  

Sitrad PRO is the supervising software of Full Gauge Controls to remotely manage the refrigeration, heating, climatization, and solar heating facilities.  It complies with the strictest market regulations due to its continuous updating by an engineering team at Full Gauge Controls dedicated to this purpose.   Versatile, it accesses local and remote facilities in several industries, from supermarket networks, cold storage, and restaurants, up to hotels, hospitals, laboratories, and housing, among others.  

The Software continuously evaluates, sets, and stores temperature, humidity, time, pressure, and voltage data, allowing changes in the operation settings for the instruments in a completely safe and precise manner, from anywhere in the world, via the internet, using a computer or mobile phone.  

With Sitrad, apart from significantly reducing power consumption, the user may generate graphics, reports, and alert messages the software sends to registered mobile phones and e-mails if the settings are not aligned with the established standards.