Discover how Sitrad pro helps the environment

Global energy consumption has grown by 50,000 Terawatt-hours (TWh) over the past two decades according to the website . And this number tends to continue increasing in the upcoming years with the evolution of technology, which will allow us to produce electricity more efficiently. If we don’t take small preventive actions

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What is the API, and how can I use it?

APIs ( Application Programming Interface) are a type of “bridge” that connects apps.  They provide the integration between systems developed in totally different languages safely and quickly.   The Sitrad PRO’s API is available through a web service based on the REST standard with data exchange in JSON format, and it

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What is the purpose of the distribution box (connection block) added to some instruments that communicate with Sitrad, available for purchase?

The connection block, also known as the distribution box, has internal protection that reduces the noise coming from engines, electrical cabling, power oscillations, and others, apart from linking the controllers to create the communications network.  The connection block is added to the following models: MT512E Log, TC900E Log, PCT410E plus,

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