Update: 03/20/2024

Sitrad Pro 1.7.15

  • Improvement in Gmail’s OAUTH2 authentication;
  • Hides measures of VC-108 Log v.2 in accordance with the app’s type;
  • Removes observation note in the RCK-862 function description;
  • InBox: Improvements in SSL Certificate when it is in Turkish (It is necessary to change to English and then back to Turkish);
  • InBox: Improvements in Remote ID validation.

Update: 03/06/2024

Sitrad Pro 1.7.14

  • Improvements in SplashScreen image;
  • Improvements when pasting a Remote ID number;
  • Improvements in the notification email text about alarm notifications routine;
  • Treatment to attend FIPS requirements;
  • Updates VX-1005 function description;
  • Improvements on RT-670E plus manual turn-off through Sitrad Mobile;
  • InBox: Cleans browser cache after update;
  • InBox: Updates summertime information.

Update: 09/02/2024

Sitrad Pro 1.7.13

  • Improvement in the title of the service configuration Systray.
  • Improvement in connection via Remote ID.
  • Improvement to avoid false positives when monitoring alerts sent.
  • Preference 'alarm.maxProcessingTimeForSending' to disable/modify alert sending monitoring.

Update: 01/02/2024

Sitrad Pro 1.7.12

  • Inclusion of the PCT-122 plus function description;
  • Inclusion of the function description of the TC-970E Log +ECO v.3;
  • Adjusted when the measurement unit kept cutting out in the PCT-410Ri plus and PCT-410E plus models;
  • The defrost button on the TC-900E Log disables when defrost is disabled;
  • Sending an email to SuperAdmin if an unforeseen error occurs in the alarm sending routine;
  • Improved alarm inhibition during defrosting;
  • Improved alarm email formatting.

Update: 02/01/2024

Sitrad Pro 1.7.11

  • Implemented the PCT-122 plus instrument model;
  • Improvements in the “hour” type parameter edit;
  • Compressor outputs in the RCK-862 groups screen;
  • alarm validation during the startup of TC-900E Log;
  • Improvement in the high-temperature alarm inhibition validation during defrost;
  • Improvement in the rules actions repetition.

Update: 11/12/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.10

  • RCK-862 plus: shows the customized name for the pressure sensor in the groups' screen;
  • VC-108 Log: access improvement through Sitrad for mobile devices;
  • VC-108 Log v.2: improvement in the instrument's clock setting;
  • Shows setpoint on MT-543Ri Log screen;
  • Translation of the command prompt for password Reset;
  • Performance improvements.

Update: 27/11/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.9

  • VC-108 Log v.2 instrument model implemented;
  • MultiPower instrument model implemented;
  • Alert in List view mode when there are several instruments;
  • Improvement in Sitrad.UpdateDatabase program translation;
  • It allows increasing the width of the backup files column in Sitrad’s Sistray;
  • Improvements in sensor texts "Defrost/Suction" in VX-1005 instrument;
  • Removes mobile device notifications when blocking or deleting users;
  • Allows to expand functions groups when the user can’t edit the parameters' values;
  • Improvement in datalogger upload when the internal memory is full;
  • InBox: Improvement in remote update script;
  • InBox: Cleans setting screen cache on HDMI after an update.

Update: 18/10/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.8

  • VX-1005 instrument model implemented;
  • Improvements in Rules after removing an instrument;
  • Command for Sitrad.UpdateDatabase to compress the database.

Update: 08/10/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.7

  • Translation to Polish;
  • Translation of MT-543E Log to Turkish;
  • VX-1025E and VX-1050E: functions translations in version 3;
  • Improvement in machine identification in API validation;
  • Improvement on reports for digital outputs in models TC-960Ri Log and TC-970E Log +ECO;
  • Added digital input status for TC-900E Log on the screen and removed the open gate notification;
  • InBox: translation to Polish;
  • InBox: Improvement in download and update processing performance.

Update: 25/09/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.6

  • VX-1025E v.3 instrument model implemented;
  • VX-1050E v.3 instrument model implemented;
  • Improvement on registry serial key validation.

Update: 06/09/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.5

  • Preference 'general.minimumIntervalToSavePayload' to allow modifying the minimum allowed time for sample time;
  • InBox: Avoids showing time zone (-12) in user registration.

Update: 22/08/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.4

  • Allows to turn on functions of the VX-1050E controller through Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvements in the English description of the C01 function of VX-1025E v.2;
  • Improvements in access permissions when creating rules;
  • Improvements in access permissions in the API instruments settings;
  • Improvements in the gas sensors display of PCT-120E plus;
  • Improvement in the frequency of alarm notifications sent through e-mail.

Update: 07/08/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.3

  • Creates an event log in Sitrad when the computer’s clock is altered;
  • Allows an automatic graphics refresh even in a fixed period;
  • Improvements in the reports export to Excel when the Windows font is larger than usual;
  • Improvements in the user profile identification in the internal processes of Sitrad;
  • Improvements in the digital output printing in the graphic report;
  • Improvements to avoid invalid cast when accessing the text report in InBox;
  • InBox: New way to register DNS servers;
  • InBox: Improvements in the Wi-Fi signal intensity display.

Update: 20/07/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.2

  • Improvements in TC-970E Log + ECO;
  • Improvement in the reports sending summary per scheduling;
  • Improvement in the e-mail sending through Outlook when authenticated by OAuth2;
  • Improvement in the virtual alarm validation when the sensor is in error.

Update: 30/06/2023

Sitrad Pro 1.7.1

  • Improvement in the e-mail server registration screen;
  • Improvement in the translation of sensors of TC-900E and MT-512E Log to turkish language ;
  • Improvement in the creation of random gate in the gate opening through UPnP;
  • Improvement in the translation to Spanish in the VX-1025E plus functions.

Update: 05/06/2023

Sitrad 1.7.0

  • Rules and Actions Validations (without depending on MOD64): In relation to Sitrad 4.13, the option to use day and time at the validation and use send alarm in action is still lacking.
  • Alarm alert sending through Telegram:
  • Option to send e-mail through Gmail and Outlook using OAuth2, which is a safer and more modern form of authentication.
  • Events LOG numbering in the graphic:
  • Improvement in the status display in models MT-543E plus and MT-542E Log with icon use:
  • Level of severity created at the Event LOG for “Parameter Change”:
  • Change in the sensor name for MOD64 and MOD142 is replicated for more than one priority in the report:
  • Delay for communications failure alarm;
  • Upon creating the report preset, it also saves data such as line thickness and color, quantity of reference lines in the graphic, caption position, among others;
  • Sensors that are not in the datalogger show up as turned-off in the reports, instead of having a zero value;
  • Upon removing an instrument, it is possible to also remove it from the macros association;
  • Reset for the user password who are SuperAdmin through the command line at the Sitrad PRO’s server;
  • Reduction in the quantity of information saved in the sample to reduce the size of the database;
  • UPnP gate opening - uses a different gate if 8001 is already being used in NAT rule of the router;
  • Avoids FIPS block due to MD5;
  • Avoids converter datalogger upload being stuck with an upload status;
  • InBox: Updates network information in the HDMI screen every 30 seconds;
  • InBox: Alerts about power-up before update.

Update: 24/05/2023

Sitrad 1.6.12

  • Model RCK-862 plus v.2.6 implemented;
  • RCK-862 plus v.2: Improvement in the Expansion function description;
  • RCK-862 plus v.2: Improvement in the standard function values;
  • Improvement in the measurement unit for Activation Energy of MKT;
  • Improvement in PCT-120E plus when F4 is with a 5 value;
  • Improvement in the validation when the logged user tries to exclude itself;
  • CORS treatment to allow access through iOS 16.4 or higher;
  • TC-970E Log +ECO: Light button in the Mobile screen;
  • InBox: Power alert on update.

Update: 11/04/2023

Sitrad 1.6.11

  • Instrument model TC-970E Log +ECO v.3 implemented;
  • Improvements in TC-970E Log +ECO v.2.

Update: 07/04/2023

Sitrad 1.6.10

  • Instrument model MT-530E Super v.6 implemented;
  • New extra commands for instruments through Sitrad Mobile:
    • VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus: manual mode and turn on light;
    • RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus: inhibit buzzer and output maintenance;
    • VC-108 Log: inhibit buzzer;
  • Improvement in communications with instruments during the datalogger loading;
  • Improvement in functions of TC-970E Log +ECO v.2;
  • Improvement in the command treatment for TC-970E Log +ECO v.2 to activate economic mode through Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement in access permission to the scheduling menu;
  • Improvement in treatment of the decimal number in function F39 of MT.530E Super v.1.

Update: 28/03/2023

Sitrad 1.6.9

  • Ignores MAC Address separator in the TCP-485 connection;
  • TC-970E Log +ECO: Allowed valued for F28, F34, F36;
  • Treatment when datalogger uploading surpasses 100%;
  • Improvements in TC-970E Log + ECO screen routines.

Update: 23/01/2023

Sitrad 1.6.8

  • TC-970E Log v.2 instrument model implemented;
  • MT-512E Log v.10 instrument model implemented;
  • Improvements in MOD64 time values;
  • Improvements on C01 function description for VX-1050E plus;
  • Change sensor name "Discharge" to "Liquid line" in RCK-862 v.2;
  • Improved backup startup;
  • Improvement when selecting instrument properties for report generation;
  • InBox: Improvements on the TC-900E parameter values;
  • InBox: Updates DST information.

Update: 21/12/2022

Sitrad 1.6.7

  • Improvements on the backup setting “Maximum number of backup files”;
  • Updates Remote ID on the ID server after connecting on a new WiFi/Ethernet network;
  • Improvements on the standard functions of RT-607E plus;
  • Improvement in the recipe export to binary file;

Update: 30/11/2022

Sitrad 1.6.6

  • Magnitudes of PWR-3200 plus and EnergyLog are now in kilo (kW, kWh, etc);
  • It stops from using “{“ and “}” characters on the instrument’s name;
  • Validates ignored alarms for notification to the Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement in the recipe export to file;
  • InBox: Translates name of user groups upon changing the language of InBox.

Update: 09/11/2022

Sitrad 1.6.5

  • Avoids block due to user inactivity that is used by the API;
  • Performance improvement on the function change validation in RCK.862 plus v.2;
  • Improvement on message at the end of recipe sending;
  • Improvement on release notes of the new version alert;
  • TC-970E Log: Avoids sensors failure alarm when sensor is deactivated;
  • MT-543E Log: Avoids buzzer alarm when buzzer is deactivated;
  • Updates instruments list after editing a converter;
  • Improvement to avoid sending report repeating errors on sample values;
  • InBox: Improvements on Spanish language.

Update: 24/10/2022

Sitrad 1.6.4

  • New model RCK-862 plus v.2.3;
  • Performance improvement using RCK-862plus V.2 in Sitrad InBox;
  • Improvement on clicking in the triangle of the graphic event log;
  • Improvement in the modification of the digital entry names and voltage of MOD-64;
  • InBox: Improvement on status when InBox is updated.

Update: 04/10/2022

Sitrad 1.6.3

  • New model VX-1025E plus v.2;
  • New model VX-1050E plus v.2;
  • TC-970E Log: Shows variable compressor frequency on list mode;
  • Improvement in minimum limit for functions 4-20 mA of RCK-862 plus;
  • Improvement in C current value display of PWR-3200 plus;
  • Improvement in datalogger upload status of PWR-3200 plus;
  • Improvement in Alarm Inhibition Scheduler, which did not show the selected alarms;
  • Improvement in configuration value upload for alarm self-acknowledgement when inhibited;
  • Improvement in the alignment of the “status” field in list mode;
  • Mobile: Send to Sitrad Mobile status of the instruments;
  • InBox: Improvement in start-up when the language of the InBox is not English.

Update: 10/08/2022

Sitrad 1.6.2

  • Model MT-543E Log v.4 Implemented;
  • Model TC-970E Log +ECO Implemented;
  • VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus: Alarm for “Superheating turned off the controller” added;
  • Performance improvement with instrument cache;
  • Shows names of macros in use upon excluding an instrument;
  • Information about how to obtain API key in the API screen;
  • Improvement when saving alarms per user;
  • Performance improvement when closing the Sitrad PRO service;
  • RCK-862 plus v.2: Improvement in the functions descriptions;
  • VX-1025E plus: Improvement in default values in FAHRENHEIT;
  • VX-1050E plus: Improvements in C05 values;
  • Stops saving user without a group;
  • Performance improvement for the recipe of RCK-860 plus v.2;
  • Improvement in datalogger input when the instrument is in “datalogger full” error;
  • Mobile: Shows more RCK-862 plus v.2 temperature sensors;
  • Mobile: Inverts variable order in RCK-862 plus;
  • Mobile: Adds measures to TC-900E Log;
  • Mobile: Activates PCT-120E plus controls;
  • Mobile: Activates VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus controls;
  • Mobile: Activates VX-950 plus controls;
  • Mobile: Values groups in the measures of PWR-3200 plus;
  • Mobile: Converters order in the instruments listing;
  • Mobile: Improvement in the converters edition;
  • InBox: Improvement to show the fixed IP setting for the WiFi network;
  • InBox: Improvement in restoring to clean proxy setting;
  • InBox: Improvement to avoid lost serial key issue;
  • InBox: Stops hostname with invalid characters.

Update: 02/06/2022

Sitrad 1.6.1

  • Correction when importing data from the instruments' datalogger.

Update: 26/05/2022

Sitrad 1.6.0

  • Software update alert
    In Configurations > Desktop configurations > General Configurations.
  • Converters and instruments list ordinance
    In Configurations > Server configurations > General configurations > System.
  • Identifies in Event Log what was altered in the registries;
  • MOD64 and MOD142 – Show average and differential of inputs;
  • Prefix for RCK-602 plus, RCK-862 plus and MOD-142 properties
    By modifying the name of a sensor, the prefix of the group which the senso belongs continues to be a pard of the name of the sensor.
  • Shows information of the instrument on the Text Report screen;
  • Instruments count on the converter and server screen;
  • Option for grouping alarms by dragging a column to the grouping area;
  • Changes the color of the screen titles to improve the text reading;
  • Recipes printing;
  • Power and Priorities configuration for PWR-3200 plus;
  • New VC-108 Log instrument model;
  • Observation field in the converter registry;
  • Preference ‘alarm.disableDefrostEndedByTime’ to deactivate the validation of “defrost alarm ended by temperature;”
  • Option to stop memorizing user and password in login screen;
  • Saves event log when altering the preference values;
  • Connect by ID even without internet connection on the PC using internal network broadcast;
  • Instrument ID and converter on the registry screen to ease the API use;
  • “Sitrad.RegistrationUtility” file on the Sitrad installation folder to automate the setup;
  • Update .Net framework to 4.7.2 version to use TLD v1.2;
  • Validate the recurrence of scheduling lower than note interval;
  • Option to gather instrument items in the device tree;
  • Status of automatic load of the instrument’s datalogger;
  • Requests for information about the instrument models in the API;
  • Issue a communication failure when registered instrument’s version is different from the physical instrument;
  • Exclusion Data in the device list to generate report;
  • Create an event log when converter connection failure happens;
  • Stops login alteration in the guided tour screen.

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Performance improvement in alarm validation to avoid excess of disk access;
  • Performance improvement in the alarm configuration per user;
  • Performance improvement in the scheduling configuration for alarm inhibition;
  • Performance improvement when updating server preferences;
  • Improvement to use less disk space in the backup restore process;
  • Service stop does not take time if TCP-485 has a connection failure;
  • Avoids ‘container should be a ListContainerBase’ error when returning to the management screen;
  • Improvement in the user list in the user group screen;
  • Value formatting in the ‘hour’ type when printing parameters;
  • When removing an instrument, alerts the user that the instrument will continue to be accessible for reports;
  • Improvement when removing scheduling recurrence;
  • Hides progress when ending recipe sending;
  • MOD-142 – Improvement in the name exchange for digital inputs between Sitrad Pro and Mobile;
  • Improvement in the name of the tooltip curve in the graphic report;
  • Improvement when minimizing the graphic screen to avoid the graphic disappearing;
  • Improvement in the curve limit adjustment in the graphic report;
  • Stops using gate 5000 in searching network servers, using only gate 47047;
  • Correction of the 4.x function group index in RCK-862 plus;
  • Correction of the C06 limit function in VX-1025E plus;
  • Correction in function limits with humidity in ºF and bar in PCT-410E plus;
  • Correction of the decimal place in function F44 in tc-960Ri Log;
  • Correction in the instrument parameter copy to the transference area;
  • Function limit correction in RCK-862 plus v.2;
  • Improvement in the command to turn off PhaseLog E plus control by Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improved graphical report alarm limits when querying two measurements (eg °F and %RH);
  • Improved PWR-3200 plus event schedules.

Update: 14/04/2022

Sitrad 1.5.10

  • Improvement when exporting the text report to Excel;
  • Updates suggested SMTP (e-mail) address to Outlook and Hotmail;
  • Hides process time when it deactivates the control of VX-1025E plus and VX1050E plus;
  • Improvement in digital input status of TC-960Ri Log;
  • Improvement in the 1.4.5.x.2 function limit (Output function) in RCK-602 plus.

Update: 07/03/2022

Sitrad 1.5.9

  • Turkish translation;
  • E-mail sending using TLS 1.2 to avoid errors mainly with outlook;
  • RCK-862 v.2 functions translation;
  • Improvement in the RCK-862 v.2 recipes creation in ºF;
  • Improvement in the digital output displays in graphic reports;
  • Improvement in the Microsol II E plus recipe;
  • InBox: Updating process in the remote configuration screen (client’s browser).

Update: 01/02/2022

Sitrad 1.5.8

  • Improvements in PCT-120E plus;
  • Improvements in the parameter alteration by Sitrad Mobile for RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus;
  • Saturation temperature display in list mode in VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus;
  • Inbox: Time zones information update;
  • Inbox: TLS certificate Update;
  • Inbox: Corrects vulnerability CEV-2021-23017 in Nginx.

Update: 20/12/2021

Sitrad 1.5.7

  • It corrects zero values shown in the instrument’s parameters when it is accessed through Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement in the graph report in the “Power Factor” variable in PWR-3200 plus;
  • Improvements in the value display in RCK-862 plus;
  • Updated function descriptions in the RCK-862 plus v.2;
  • Improvements in the measurement unit display in some functions in MT-543E plus:
  • Improvement in the imported value treatments in the dataloggers from PhaseLog E plus v.5;
  • Improvements in the upper limits in functions of “bar” type in PCT-3001 plus.


Update: 25/11/2021

Sitrad 1.5.6

  • Implements the PhaseLog E plus v.5 model; 
  • Adds “Enabled” and “Error” fields for the measured value returned in the API;
  • Changes the Spanish description from superheating to overheating on VX’s lines;
  • Exhibition improvement in the list mode of PCT-120E plus;
  • Performance improvement to load functions upon accessing the function group;
  • Improvement in consumption graphic export to Excel;
  • Improvement in the English function description of F64 in VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus;
  • Improvement of the instrument status position in list mode;
  • Improvement in the activation command in holiday mode in Microsol II E plus v.7 and v.8;
  • Improvements in RCK-862 plus;
  • InBox: Performance improvement in the instrument function validation that have function groups;
  • InBox: Improvement in update download progress status.

Update: 30/09/2021

Sitrad 1.5.5

  • Display improvement in the PhaseLog plus v2;
  • Communication improvement in converters TCP-485 to handle noise better in the RS-485 network, avoiding communication failures in the instruments;
  • Improvements in the e-mail server login screen;
  • Update in log4net component to correct vulnerability CVE-2018-1285;
  • Allows AQUAHOT plus command input through Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement in the manual input for auxiliary outputs of RT-607E plus and Microsol II E plus;
  • InBox: Improvement to avoid communication failure when a MOD142 plus is in the network;
  • InBox: Verifies integrity of the disc after an update.

Update: 01/09/2021

Sitrad 1.5.4

· New instrument model RCK-862 plus v.2.;

· Sends values of Voltage and Current of PWR-3200 plus to Sitrad Mobile;

· Improvement to ignore RS-485 network noise when sending the defrost and events schedule;

· Improvement in delayed clock validation (RTC) in instruments;

· Improvement to avoid duplicated Event Log when an error occurs during an alarm acknowledgment;

· Improvement to avoid Event Log appearing for all instruments after an alarm acknowledgment;

· Improvement to avoid Event Log and instrument parameters in the wrong language;

· Improvement in function F44 of MT-530E Super v.4;

· Improvement in password recovery process;

· InBox: "Loading" screen of HDMI during initialization;

· InBox: Avoids loading configuration page of browser cache.

Update: 21/07/2021

Sitrad 1.5.3

· New use agreement of Sitrad Pro;

· Removes information on alarm acknowledgment made automatically by the system from the Event Log;

· Improved description of F00 of TC-900E Log v.4;

· Improved description of F20 of MT-512E Log;

· Improved description of F20 of TC-960Ri Log;

· Prevents user from changing the name of TC-960Ri Log digital input;

· Fixes function recipe delivery to TC-900E Log v.4;

· Fixes API query filtering by status of converters;

· Improvement to avoid some cases where the API status keeps indicating invalid license;

· Improved power consumption graphic;

· Improvement to avoid some cases where the list mode view does not display measurement values;

· Improved macro delivery event log message;

· Improvements in handling, filtering and displaying ignored alarms for display;

· Improvement to prevent the system from ending up without a SuperAdmin user with access to the system;

· Improved performance when initializing and stopping the service;

· Sitrad Inbox: Improved factory tests.

More information on:

Update: 18/05/2021

Sitrad 1.5.2

· API – Allows adding more than one license key in the same installation. Previous versions can no longer be used for API integration;

· VX-1025E plus and VX-1050E plus – Removes the “Output Valve” property from the report;

· Does not display the uninstall questionnaire when removing Sitrad by command line informing the parameters “/exenoui /passive”;

· Implemented translations of the function descriptions of RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus;

· Improved performance and memory consumption when the application has many acknowledgment alarms pending;

· Improved performance in the routine that automatically recognizes old alarms and acknowledgment alarms pending;

· Improvement for English texts when the Windows language is not one of the languages supported by the application;

· Improvement to avoid event log in Portuguese when Windows language is not Portuguese;

· Improvement to avoid service startup error when Windows language is Turkish;

· Improvement in the display of sensors of PCT-120E plus;

· Improvement so that, after changing an instrument parameter, the new value is immediately updated in the parameter list;

· Improved out-of-range voltage alarm validation in TC-960Ri Log;

· Improvement to avoid “Value cannot be null” error when restoring default permissions selection of a user group;

· Improved event log creation of change in instrument alarm limits;

· Sitrad Inbox: Screen with update progress on HDMI output;

· Sitrad Inbox: Sends information about updates or restorations to Sitrad’s registry server;

· Sitrad Inbox: Internal security improvements.

Update: 30/03/2021

Sitrad 1.5.1

  • Includes model MT-530 Super v.2 which was missing;
  • Does not install “Visual C ++ Redistributable” when installing Sitrad Desktop only;
  • Adds a column in the alarm report indicating whether the alarm was impaired;
  • Adds a search field for the users list on the “Alarms by user” screen;
  • Improved user’s instrument selection screen;
  • Alarm counter located in the upper right corner of Sitrad Desktop improved to only count alarms from the instruments that the current user is allowed to access;
  • Improved option to turn off the control of MT-543E plus v.5 by Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improved MT-543E Log v.3 alarm and status indicator;
  • Improved RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus fan output status indicator;
  • Improved to avoid some cases where Sitrad Desktop no longer connects to the server after disconnecting and reconnecting a few times;
  • Improved “Use interval defined in the converter” indicator when editing an instrument registry;
  • Improved internal communications between Sitrad Desktop application and Sitrad Service.

Update: 03/03/2021

Sitrad 1.5.0

  • Power consumption chart of EnergyLog and PWR-3200 Plus;

  • MKT (mean kinetic temperature) in the report summary;

  • Delivery of the sampling summary attached to the scheduled report e-mail;

  • Option to configure users that can view an alarm directly in the alarm configuration screen;

  • Alarm indicator in the converter and instrument icon;

  • User registration report. With an option to print the instruments associated with each user;

  • Option to allow API REST requests to Sitrad;


  • Instrument model VX-1050 Plus implemented;
  • Add setpoint and hysteresis information to TC-900E Log screen;
  • Option to recognize inhibited or ignored alarms for all types of notifications (ALL);
  • Displays vertical reference lines in the digital output charts;
  • Allows you to click on the icon of a curve in the chart key to show/hide the corresponding curve;
  • Alignment of the curves chart with the digital output chart improved;
  • Remove the option to edit the printed header and footer from the print preview screen;
  • Improvement in the way instruments are selected that a user will have access to;
  • Allows you to edit the user permission to access deleted instruments;
  • The alarm e-mail now has a copy of the text without HTML formatting so companies that convert the e-mail to SMS can display the notification correctly;
  • List view mode now hides the sensor that is not being used;
  • Fixes the import of preset files generated in a machine with different region configurations (different decimal places).
  • Improvements in RCK-602 Plus and RCK-862 Plus;
  • Adds the possibility of switching off the control of RCK-602 Plus and RCK-862 Plus via Sitrad Mobile;
  • Fixes the translation of function F24 of MOD142;
  • Improvements in the handling of PCT-3001 Plus values;
  • Performance improvement when entering the preset listing screen;
  • Performance improvement when loading application alarm information;
  • Performance improvement when accessing the server's database;
  • Performance improvement when initializing the service;
  • InBox: connection to Wi-Fi networks with double quotation marks (") in the network name

Update: 28/12/2020

Sitrad 1.4.4

  • Performance improvement at the termination of the service;
  • Improved parameter editing in TC-900E Log v.4;
  • Improved permissions to add/remove an instrument in maintenance state;
  • Improved alarm settings to avoid entering a value less than 1 in the ‘time between e-mail deliveries’ field;
  • Preference 'general.showIncorrectFinalizationOnReport' to indicate to Sitrad that the service interruption event log does not automatically appear in reports.

Update: 23/11/2020

Sitrad 1.4.3

  • Instrument model MT-543E plus v.6 implemented;
  • Improvement of PCT-410E plus functions when editing a Relative Humidity-type function;
  • Improvement of the communication with instruments with the RTC clock not set;
  • Improvement to the TCP-485 Wi-Fi Log Datalogger loading routines;
  • Improvement of Microsol II E plus to fix the inverted display of the text of the "Switch AUX2 On/Off manually" button;
  • Adjustments to the default function values of Microsol II E plus;
  • InBox: improvement of the save settings function with Wi-Fi network disabled.

Update: 28/10/2020

Sitrad 1.4.2

  • Implemented the VX-1025E plus instrument model;
  • Implemented the PCT-120E plus v.2 instrument model;
  • Added a new column to the converter list and instrument list containing the sampling rate configured for each device;
  • Added to the service's event log the occurrence if a user disconnects from the server;
  • Added the name of the MOD-64 output to the command menu that activate/deactivate the respective output;
  • Improvements to the RCK-862 plus model;
  • Improvements in the display of values ??of the Microsol II plus v.3 or higher when it is configured for Fahrenheit (° F);
  • Improved display of the analog output of the PCT-3001 plus model;
  • Improvement in the PCT-3001 plus for it to keep the functions in sequential order after a value change;
  • Improved chart report display to not fill in some cases of communication failure as if the failure had not occurred;
  • Improvement in the scheduling of defrosts and events when the first day of the week is Monday;
  • Improved to allow saving backups to a network path (e.g.: \\server\folder) without having to create the network drive in Windows;
  • Improvement when removing an alarm delay when the alarm is already occurring;
  • Improvement to prevent the registration of two servers with the same name in Sitrad Desktop;
  • Improvement for cases in which a parameter change log was generated directly on the instrument after a function or macro change was sent by Sitrad;
  • Improved user registration to avoid "invalid password" error when the user making the registration was not a "SuperAdmin";
  • Improvement to avoid "Input string was not in a correct format" error when registering a new server.

Update: 03/09/2020

Sitrad 1.4.1

•    Improvement in performance and stability in backup execution;
•    Improvement in PCT-3001 plus measurements;
•    Improvement in RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus;
•    Auxiliary output of RCK-602 plus and RCK-862 plus are now exhibited when accessed by Sitrad Mobile;
•    Blocks the password change option when the server is a version lower than 1.4.0;
•    Improvement in the Event Log of manual submission of a macro so that the user that made the submission is registered;
•    Improvement in the automatic block of users due to downtime to avoid blocking users that were removed;
•    Improvement in graphic report processing;
•    Improvement in logo position of the user when printing the report;
•    Sitrad InBox: Improvement in the registration of internal serial converter by Sitrad Mobile (version 3.3.11 or higher).

Update: 03/08/2020

Sitrad 1.4.0

  • Implemented new instrument models:
    • RCK-602 plus
    • RCK-862 plus
    • PCT-120E plus
    • AutoPID plus
    • AHC-80 plus
    • Aquahot plus
    • Microsol II power
    • RT-607Ri plus
  • Setting of password complexity.


  • List registered mobiles to receive alerts, send test notifications, and option to remove the device through the server.


  • Identification of which alarm was triggered in the instrument’s alarm setting listing.


  • Option in the login screen to memorize the username and password.


  • Option for the user to change their own password. In the access permission of user groups, there is a new item to release/block this option.


  • New general system settings screen with the options:
    • Show new instruments to all users;
    • Change time between data readings of instruments;
    • Automatically adjust internal clock of instruments with the server time.


  • Easy buttons on Microsol II E plus and RT-607E plus for manual activation of auxiliary outputs.


  • Registration and communication with the TCP-485 WiFi Log v.2 converter.
  • Option on the scheduling screen to exhibit only certain types of scheduling (macro, report and/or inhibition);
  • Option to create a schedule with reoccurrence in minutes;
  • Option in alarm notification settings that obligates the user to insert a comment when acknowledging an alarm;
  • Option in service settings to delete old instrument samples from the database;
  • Proxy settings test for the service;
  • Option of alarm to be automatically recognized after being ended and not recognized for a specific period (default 60 days);
  • Option of blocking users that have not accessed the system for a long time; Inactivity default limit is 90 days;
  • Send e-mail to the user when blocked due to inactivity or authentication failures;
  • Backup setting in initial Guided Tour steps of Sitrad Desktop;
  • Key to access defrost schedule or events of an instrument directly in the instrument screen;
  • Preference “instrumentView.zoomScale” on Sitrad Desktop to enable scale adjustment of the “List Mode” screen between 80% and 100% of its original size;
  • E-mail alert to all “SuperAdmin” users when the hard disc containing database is over 80% used;
  • Added instrument’s version number next to its model on the values display screen;
  • Adds to the instruments screen a menu button for fast access to reports of the respective instrument;
  • Added sensors of TI-33 and TI-44 in General Overview of Temperatures report;
  • Improvement in display of values with decimal places in the graphic and text reports;
  • Improvement for graphic report to consume less RAM memory;
  • Improvement in the status display of alarms inhibition (manual and scheduled) on the instrument screen;
  • Improvement to save samples with greater precision in the time interval;
  • Improvement in Sitrad Desktop settings;
  • Improvement in the selection of the instrument model for preset creation;
  • Improvement in the loading of the converter and datalogger;
  • Improvement for connection with TCP-485 v.1 converter;
  • Improvement to create an event log when defrost schedule or events are changed in instruments;
  • Improvement in the offset parameter change of Microsol II E plus;
  • Improvement in the parameter change of MOD64;
  • Improvement in the parameter change of PWR-3200 plus by Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement to add the service's communication port on the firewall releases when the port is modified.
  • Moved option “Desktop blocking password" from the “Settings” menu to inside the specific settings of the Desktop module;
  • Released for Mobile 3.3 – Register of new converters and instruments;
  • Released for Mobile 3.3 – User password change;
  • Released for Mobile 3.3 – Command to enable auxiliary outputs of Microsol and RT-607;
  • Released for Mobile 3.3 – Alarm recognition;
  • Released for Mobile 3.3 – Enable/disable process control in instruments that allow this action through Sitrad;
  • Improvements in application performance;
  • Other internal improvements.

Update: 24/04/2020

Sitrad 1.3.17

  • Improvement to prevent a “Current container should be a ListContainerBase class” error in the Sitrad Desktop;
  • Improvement made in uploading the datalogger of the TCP-485 Wi-Fi Log converter even when it’s overwriting old samples;
  • Improvements in the data logger’s automatic uploading for instruments that have a datalogger;
  • Improved uploading for the MT-512Ri Log and TC-960Ri Log datalogger;
  • Improved function limits for the Microsol II plus;
  • Fixed graphic loading done between midnight and 1 am.

Update: 13/03/2020

Sitrad 1.3.16

  • Created the alarm.mandatoryAcknowledgmentNote preference, which requires the user to enter a notation when acknowledging an alarm;
  • Event log with a record on when the Sitrad is updated;
  • Sitrad Desktop and Sitrad Service now use the date and number formatting defined in the operating system, regardless of the language chosen for the application;
  • Improvement in the scheduling of a recurrent inhibition of alarms;
  • Improvement made for when alarms are marked as ignored for all types of notifications (“ALL”);
  • Improvement in the defrost command for the VX-950 plus by Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improved time synchronization of the computer with the MT-512Ri Log.

Update: 05/02/2020

Sitrad 1.3.15

  • Improved ability to edit hatching configurations for MT-543E plus, MT-543E Log, MT-543Ri plus, MT-543Ri Log, MT-530E Super and MT-530 Super models;
  • Improved notification and display of alarms for Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improved display of the processing time for the VX-950 plus;
  • Improvement made to prevent excessive fragmentation of the database file on a disk;
  • Improvement made to the warning when the database is overly fragmented on a disk;
  • Improved Desktop application for cases where the Windows user profile is in the network map.

Update: 09/12/2019

Sitrad 1.3.14

  • Model TC-900E Log v.4 implemented;
  • Automatic user logoff by idle time (enable in security settings);
  • Warning to SuperAdmin users when the database file becomes too fragmented on disk;
  • Service proxy setting defined by default as "Auto detect";
  • RT-607E v.3 event scheduling with option to choose whether the scheduling is linked to the THERM output or EVENT output;
  • Improvement for some cases in which the USB converter is not recognized;
  • Improvement to show current sensor temperature on alarms by e-mail;
  • Improvement in datalogger loading to make it stop when the instrument is set to maintenance;
  • Improvement to PCT-3001 plus curve map display;
  • Handling to avoid some cases in which a periodic routine (thread) is stuck for longer than programmed;

Update: 22/10/2019

Sitrad 1.3.13

  • Relationship of event log with an alarm to recognize alarms;
  • Added column "Date of recognition of alarm" on the alarm report;
  • Validation for users to delete/edit only the event log that they have created themselves;
  • Added the event log after editing the backup settings;
  • Option on the Desktop for not remembering the login of the last user who accessed the system;
  • Changes so that Sitrad service is configured initially as the "automatic proxy";
  • Improvement to identify a valid e-mail address in the register of alarm notifications;
  • Improvement to generate event log when authentication failure occurs and the system is marked to block the user for authentication failures;
  • Improvement in the installer to avoid conflict with the firewall of newer versions of Windows 10;
  • Improvements in the schedules of events with recurrence;
  • Improvement in the listing of backup files;
  • Improvement in the editing of functions of the “hh:mm" type;
  • Improvements in performance and memory consumption in the Sitrad service.

Update: 05/09/2019

Sitrad 1.3.12

  • Improvements in VX-950 plus;
  • Improvements in MOD64;
  • Improvements to the schedule screen;
  • Improvements of performance.

Update: 24/07/2019

Sitrad 1.3.11

  • Default sampling time changed (new converters) from 30 seconds to 1 minute;
  • Units of measurement pH, g/m³, mg/m³, μg/m³ e μS added to MOD142;
  • Option to disable "end of defrost time" alarm by configuring the function to the maximum value allowed;
  • Improvement in the sum of times in the sampling summary of the reports;
  • Improvement in the activation of the "Search instruments" button right after registering a converter;
  • Improvement in the instrument search on a noisy RS-485 network;
  • Improvement in the backup routine;
  • Improvement of performance when loading schedules and macros.

Update: 25/06/2019

Sitrad 1.3.10

  • User name added to the sampling summary print;
  • Alarm limits added to the warning of MT-543E Log v.3;
  • Improvement in the backup routine when the data file is larger than 4 GB;
  • Improvement to avoid some cases of login event being associated with the wrong user;
  • Improvement in the translation of the text "Overheat" by "Superheat" in some instrument models;
  • Performance improvement in the return from the instrument list for Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement to switch on/off MOD64 output by Sitrad Mobile.

Update: 27/05/2019

Sitrad 1.3.9

  • User name added to the Report Summary print;
  • Improvement in function and preset delivery to MT-543Ri plus v.4;
  • Improvement in alarm validation of MT-543Ri plus v.4;
  • Improvements in alarm configuration of MT-530Ri Super;
  • Improvement in the function limits of standard values of some instrument models;
  • Improvement in the zoom by scrolling the mouse in the graphical report;
  • Improvement in the configuration of the converter timeout.

Update: 08/04/2019

Sitrad 1.3.8

  • Improvements in the configurations of MOD64;
  • Improvement to keep selection in the list of functions after changing the value of a function;
  • Improvement in alarm delivery by email to the addresses registered in the alarm notification configuration screen;
  • Improvement to avoid possible errors when trying to remove an instrument;
  • Improvement in automatic alarm acknowledgement;
  • Improvement in the handling of values read from the TC-900E Log datalogger;
  • Improvement in alarm handling of models MT-543E Log and MT-543E plus;
  • Translation improvements in Spanish.

Update: 20/02/2019

Sitrad 1.3.7

  • Event log when editing access permissions for a group of users;
  • Event log when editing security settings;
  • Event log when editing alarm notification settings;
  • Improvement to TCP-485 WiFi Log login validation;
  • Improvements to the automatic loading of instruments' datalogger;
  • Improvement not to display the alarm limits when only the alarm inhibit time is set;
  • Adjustment to the validation of function activation/deactivation of MT-543E Log when changing the configuration type to Advanced;
  • Adjustment to the digital input status display of MOD64;
  • Adjustment to the display of alarm limits when the limits are relative to the setpoint of the instrument.

Update: 21/12/2018

Sitrad 1.3.6

  • Option to start the Sitrad Desktop with Windows - The Desktop settings can be set to automatically open after logging into Windows and also to connect automatically to a server;
  • Additional temperature value in e-mail alarms for MT-543E Log (v.3 or higher) and Microsol II (v.3 or higher) models;
  • Additional PCT-410E plus on-screen sub-cooling/overheat status;
  • Other adjustments and improvements in the information for the PCT-410E plus;
  • Improved screen display for the RT-607E plus and Microsol II E plus;
  • Updated USB-type converter register.

Update: 13/12/2018

Sitrad 1.3.5

  • Added an option in the list view that only show the alarmed instruments ;
  • Added process status information of each instrument to the list view;
  • Added missing information of the PCT-410E plus screen, such as sub cooling and saturated gas;
  • Added event log to the report of alarms;
  • Added a chart update button to the graphic report screen;
  • Adjusted the limit of values used in macro commands for some instruments’ models ;
  • Registration of two CONV32 v. 2 in the system blocked;
  • Improvements in the validation of periodic password change;
  • Improvement in the act of alarm acknowledgement;
  • Improvement to information regarding the status of the PCT-410E plus process ;
  • Improvement to the formatting of the data sent in the alarm e-mail;
  • Improvement to the command to send the MT-512E Log to defrost by Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvement to the process of sending the periodic report through a recurring schedule;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 12/11/2018

Sitrad 1.3.4

  • Improvements to the automatic loading of instruments’ datalogger;
  • Improvement to the iOS alarm notification, making the phone vibrate and emit sound;
  • Improvement to allow inhibiting the alarm’s communication failure;
  • Improvement to the act of displaying the instruments’ screens;
  • Added text “(with filter)” to the footer of the text report when the report is printed and any type of filter is applied to the sample grid;
  • Improvement to the list of users to hide inactive (deleted) users by default;
  • Improvement to the list of users to correctly display the “inactive” status in the respective column of the grid;
  • Added alarm thresholds to the alarm message for Mobile;
  • Improvements to the service Systray screen;
  • Added port opening status (NAT rule) to the Systray screen in the network router by UPnP;
  • Improvements to the recipe editor of MT-512E Log;
  • Adjustment to the alarm delay for audible notification and Mobile;
  • Improvements to the password change at the first access;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.


Update: 15/10/2018

Sitrad 1.3.3

  • Option in alarm settings to indicate which e-mails must receive alarms from all registered instruments;
  • An “Add” button was added to the automatic converter search screen for each converter found;
  • Improvements to the installation process;
  • Improvements to the alarm issuing process;
  • Translation of new features.

Update: 25/09/2018

Sitrad 1.3.2

  • CONV32 version 3
    This new version allows using more than one USB interface on the same computer, because now they have a unique ID.
  • Install only the Desktop (no service)
    During the installation the user can choose to install only the Desktop application without having to install the service.
  • Server IP list
    Added to the Systray of Sitrad Pro a list of the IPs that the service identified for the machine and that will be used in the attempt of remote connection by ID.
  • Terms “Inside” and “Outside” replaced by “Compliant” and “Non-compliant” respectively in the report summary
  •  Adjustment to the insertion of data in the event log when the Desktop was in English
  • Adjustment to the “enabled” column on the instrument’s alarm configuration screen, which was not being filled in
  • Other minor adjustments and improvements

Update: 18/09/2018

Sitrad 1.3.1

  • Database backup
    It is possible to configure an automatic backup to create a copy of the data file periodically. This file contains all the configuration information, such as users and instrument samples, from the beginning of the installation.
  • Enter a remark when acknowledging an alarm
    Upon acknowledging an alarm, the user will be asked to insert a remark. If they wish to do so, the user will be able to enter an Event Log with the respective remark.
  • Datalogger configuration
    One more screen was created in the configurations to facilitate setting the parameters of the datalogger configuration (both in the instrument and in the TCP-485 WiFi Log).
  • Reply in the language of the Desktop and Mobile
    Previously the Sitrad Pro service returned information in the language configured in the registry of the user connected to the server. Now the service replies in the language of the Desktop and Mobile application, regardless of the language in the user’s registry.
  • Inform the address range when searching for instruments
    Now, when searching instruments, the user can inform the address range to be searched, e.g. addresses from 50 to 100 only.

Update: 10/09/2018

Sitrad 1.3.0

  • Alarm notification message to Sitrad Mobile
    When connecting using Sitrad Mobile the user will be asked whether they wish to receive alarm notifications. If Yes is selected, they will receive alarm notifications on their mobile phones, even if Sitrad Mobile is closed. The same happens, for example, with WhatsApp notifications.
  • New interface in the service’s Systray (with proxy) 
    The service configuration application has been modified and a new tab was added to allow configuring a Proxy server. In companies that use proxy, the service needs such information to send alarm notifications to smartphones.
  • Connection by ID 
    Instead of using IP and port, the user can now use a unique ID number that each Sitrad Pro server will have. This number can be viewed in the service’s Systray configurations.
    When connecting by ID, Sitrad Desktop will attempt to connect to both the internal IP and the external IP and will connect to the first destination to have the connection established.
    This connection by ID also solves the problem of dynamic IP on the modem, since the Sitrad service will be constantly checking if the external IP of the modem has been updated and it will inform Sitrad’s ID server of the new IP to be used for remote connections.

  • Port opening by UPnP updated 
    The tool to open ports by UPnP has been updated. Even when connecting by ID the ports still need to be redirected on the modem for external access. However, if UPnP is enabled for the modem, Sitrad will open the port automatically.
  • Sampling Summary 
    Now the graphic and text report screen has an option to present a summary of the sample period, with information on the time without supervision, alarm time and more.
  • Events in the reports 
    Events logs can be marked to appear in the reports. A red triangle is displayed at the bottom of the graphic report and between the samples in the text report.


  • Audible alarm on the Desktop
    An audio file can be configured in the general configurations of the Desktop to be played if an error occurs on one of the servers. The Desktop needs to be running for the audible alarm to work. 
  • Other important implementations: 
    - Configuration of the outputs of PCT-410 E plus.
    - The service startup option chosen by the user (automatic, manual, etc.) will be maintained after Sitrad Pro is updated.
    - Sitrad Pro now runs with .Net Framework 4.5. So it is no longer compatible with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.


Update: 06/09/2018

Sitrad 1.2.21

  • Communication with PhaseLog E plus v.4 implemented;
  • Option in PhaseLog E plus v.3 and v.4 to switch off the process control through Sitrad;
  • Performance improvement in the return from a chart for Sitrad Mobile;
  • Digital inputs of TC-900E Log added to the reports;
  • P10 function edit fixed in PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvement to the validation of alarm limits of PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvement to F08 function description of VX-950 plus;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 20/08/2018

Sitrad 1.2.20

  • Communication with model MT-532 Super implemented;
  • Mobile access blocked when the user is marked to change the password in the next login;
  • Validation to ignore invalid bytes (noise) while searching instruments;
  • Improvement to the loading of the datalogger of TC-900E Log v.3;
  • Improvement to the installer for the Systray of the service to be closed properly;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 30/07/2018

Sitrad 1.2.19

  • Customization of the subject field in the alarm notification e-mail by user;
  • Improvements in the alarm thresholds of MT-543Ri plus and MT-543E plus;
  • Improvements in the installer;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 12/07/2018

Sitrad 1.2.18

  • Communication with model MT-516EVT plus implemented;
  • Adjustments to the thermostat output configuration screen of PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvements in the validation of alarm thresholds changes of PCT-3001 plus – in some cases it caused the indication “Try Lock Exception” in the remote access;
  • Option to load the datalogger of TCP-485 WiFi Log after removing the converter from the maintenance mode;
  • Option to hide the communication fault lines in the text report;
  • Security option added so that new instruments registered do not appear automatically to all users registered in the system – the default is still to appear to everyone;
  • Permission created for the access by group of users to allow/block sending commands to the instrument (defrost, inverter status, switch on auxiliary, etc.);
  • Improvement in the translation of the datalogger loading status;
  • Improvement in the graphical report display;
  • Improvement in the identification of the IP address of TCP-485 converters that are in DHCP mode;
  • Improvement in the password recovery – the temporary password will be sent through Sitrad website if the user has not configured the e-mail delivery server correctly;
  • Sitrad user name added to report prints;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 06/07/2018

Sitrad 1.2.16

  • Added warning to the installer related to the loss of support for Windows XP starting with Sitrad Pro 1.3 (planned for September);
  • Installer updated to fix some cases of failure during the uninstall process;
  • Installation of Sitrad Desktop only is allowed by passing the parameter "INSTALLSERVICE="false"" to the installer;
  • The database can now be placed in the desktop in the folder shared with all users of a computer (%PROGRAMDATA%\Full Gauge\SitradDesktop);
  • Created event log for changes made in the registration of the name and logo of the company;
  • Improvements in report printing;
  • Improvements in scheduling recurring events;
  • Improvement in the routine to convert the parameters of an instrument into revenue;
  • Improvement in revenue import and export;
  • Improvement in the routines of converters and instrument automatic search on the initial screen of the Guided Tour;
  • Datalogger loading implemented on some models of instruments that were missing;
  • Fixing change in the parameters with an "hour/minute" value, like in PWR-3200 plus and TC-900E Log;
  • Added name of the instrument and converter to the header of the .xlsx file sent by e-mail in the scheduling of test reports;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 19/06/2018

Sitrad 1.2.17

  • Implemented new converter TCP-485 WiFi Log;
  • Implemented MOD142 plus v.2;
  • Modified screen that displays the minimum and maximum values reached by VX-950 plus;
  • General improvements in the reports;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 18/04/2018

Sitrad 1.2.15

  • "Super Administrator" user allowed to change the password of another user without informing the old password;
  • Screen for general system information created which is accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12 and entering code 555. This screen serves to collect support information for Sitrad Pro;
  • Adjustments to TC-900E Log so it will not display a sensor alarm when the sensor is disabled;
  • Adjustments to the event log created during the delivery of recipes;
  • Improvement to the display of disabled sensors in the temperature overview report;
  • Clock not set alarm created in MT-512E Log and TC-900E Log;
  • Validation in the creation of a scheduling to prevent creating a report scheduling without selecting a recipient;
  • Deleted users removed from the system configuration tree;
  • Buttons to add / delete / edit user added in the users list;
  • Adjustment to allow opening the Systray in Windows XP;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 02/04/2018

Sitrad 1.2.14

  • Model Microsol II E plus v.8 implemented;
  • Option to change the remote connection port in service's Systray. The default port is still 8001;
  • Improvements to the graphical report;
  • Improvement to user password recovery when the e-mail server is not configured properly in Sitrad Pro;
  • Improvements to the display of function limits in VX-950 plus;
  • Improvements to the editing of function F50 of TC-900E Log;
  • Improvements to the preset editor of TI-44E plus;
  • Three-phase Demand added to the graphical report of PWR-3200 plus;
  • Improvement to the loading of a predefined report;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 08/03/2018

Sitrad 1.2.13

  • Demonstration server address changed to in port 80 so the customer is not required to open the network port just to test Sitrad Pro;
  • Preference created to disable the automatic adjustment of the RTC of the instruments;
  • Various display adjustments in PCT-3001 plus;
  • Adjustments in VX-950 plus;
  • Adjustments in MT-543E plus;
  • Adjustments in MOD-64;
  • Adjustments in PWR-3200 plus;
  • Adjustments in Microsol II E plus;
  • Adjustments in PCT-410E plus to display correctly the pressure in BAR;
  • Source IP of the connection added to the user authentication event log;
  • Blocking mechanism to prevent the SuperAdmin user from having any restriction of instruments in the registration of users;
  • Time display format in RT-607E plus screen;
  • Adjustment to the memory consumption with time of Sitrad Desktop when it remains in the "Listing" viewing mode;
  • Column sequence sorted correctly in the text report;
  • Improvements to the editing of scheduled events and defrosts of instruments;
  • Improvements and fixes to the loading of the datalogger of the instruments;
  • Improvement to the updating of the chart's digital outputs when the automatic update mode is enabled;
  • Improvements to the e-mail alarm delivery mechanism.
  • Sending the name of sensors to the Mobile according to the changes made by the user;
  • E-mail alarm delivery fixed to use the user-defined e-mail subject;
  • Performance adjustments and improvements.

Update: 14/02/2018

Sitrad 1.2.12

  • PCT-3001 plus v.1 implemented (version 2 was already implemented);
  • RT-607E v.3 implemented;
  • Adjustments to the reports sent automatically by e-mail;
  • Adjustment to TI-44E plus display when any sensor is disabled;
  • Adjustment to TI-44E plus function codes;
  • Adjustment to the manual loading of the datalogger of EnergyLog plus.
  • Adjustment to the display of the Power Factor variable in EnergyLog plus chart report;
  • Adjustment to the display of the association of scheduled events with their respective auxiliary outputs in Microsol II E plus;
  • Seven other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 04/01/2018

Sitrad 1.2.11

  • Adjustments to the delivery of reports by e-mail;
  • Adjustment to the limits of functions of MT-543Ri Log v.2;
  • Adjustment to avoid an error message when saving a converter with connection by MAC Address;
  • Hiding the button to lock the Desktop when the user has not configured a lock password yet;
  • Adjustment of decimal places in the value measured by PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvements in the creation and delivery of presets in MT-530E Super;
  • Improvement to avoid a message that appeared during the registration of PCT-3001 plus;
  • Validation to ignore by default the alarm type "End of defrost by time" when sending an e-mail - only for new instrument registrations;
  • Adjustment to avoid text report printing failure in some types of printers.

Update: 13/12/2017

Sitrad 1.2.10

  • PCT-410E plus ver.5 implemented;
  • Implemented communication via the new TCP-485 WiFi Log converter. However, it is not available to upload the data from the datalogger.
  • Improved Sitrad Desktop - reducing memory consumption of your computer.
  • Representation from output on MT-512 E Log was adjusted to reflect the current status of the instrument's relay
  • Access validation to the functionalities of Sitrad Pro when accessed through Sitrad Mobile.
  • The uninstall survey was improved to avoid unnecessary requests during system updates.
  • Registration screen size adjusted on Sitrad Desktop.
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 13/11/2017

Sitrad 1.2.9

  • Column "Type of Inhibit" adjusted in the general alarm list, which sometimes displayed the wrong inhibit type;
  • Alarm inhibit during defrost fixed;
  • Improvements to service start and stop routines in computers running Windows 10;
  • Showing "--" on the display of RT-607 E plus when the temperature sensor is disabled;
  • Improvement to the preset delivery routines of MT-543E plus v.4;
  • Improvement of the font of the instrument temperature display;
  • Adjustment to allow installing Sitrad with Windows Server 2003 SP2;
  • "am/pm" removed from the "delay time" field on the alarm configuration screen;
  • Improvement to alarm acknowledgement;
  • Digital output of the instruments added to the report presented in Sitrad Mobile;
  • Translation adjustments;
  • Adjustments and improvements to the installation wizard and registration process;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 27/10/2017

Sitrad 1.2.8

  • Model TC-900E Log v.3 implemented;
  • Model TC-940Ri plus implemented in the list mode view;
  • Adjustment in the instrument search via guided tour to start automatically when the user enters the screen;
  • Several improvements on the screens of the guided tour;
  • Adjustments in the connection to CONV32 converter version 1;
  • Routine to manually save the datalogger optimized;
  • Cancellation of the automatic instrument search optimized;
  • Sitrad event log created when there is an e-mail delivery error;
  • Adjustments when saving presets with values outside the limits that are being displayed on screen;
  • Choice of sensor type added to the recipe editor of MT-543Ri plus v.4;
  • Instrument access permission restriction applied when the access is made via Sitrad Mobile;
  • Improvements in the chart configuration;
  • Fixed bug that occasionally occurred when closing Sitrad Desktop, causing the program to disappear from the screen, even if the process would continue to run on Windows;
  • Improvements in the registry of presets and macros;
  • Alarm delay configuration component modified so it will not show AM/PM in the time display;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 25/09/2017

Sitrad 1.2.7

  • Filter button and search added to the Event Log screen;
  • Right click on the list of servers now has the option "Edit server";
  • Adjustment in the display of decimal places in the values of MT-543E plus when using a PT-100 sensor;
  • Adjustment in the loading of graphics by Sitrad Mobile when the image is too large;
  • Adjustment in the automatic time setting of Microsol II E plus and RT-607 E plus to stop changing the time constantly;
  • Adjustment in the loading of the datalogger of MT-543Ri LOG;
  • Adjustment in the alignment of the chart of variables with the chart of outputs;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 24/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.6

  • Extra information on the local server name on the Remote home;
  • Installation diagram image in the initial Guided Tour;
  • Adjustments in the display of virtual limits on the graph and the alarm report;
  • Voltage limit setting on the MT-516 RVTi.

Update: 24/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.5_rc2

  • TC-900 E Log v.2 added;
  • Translation of the system;
  • Miscellaneous adjustments.

Update: 24/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.4_rc1

  • Start of the chart of digital outputs aligned with the start of the chart of variables;
  • Adjustment of the event schedule when the instrument only accepts the time in multiples of 10 minutes;
  • Other improvements of the chart visualization;
  • Logo "Windows 10 Compatible" added to the ‘About’ section of the application;
  • Error "dbContext disposed" fixed, which could eventually appearwhen generating reports;
  • Fixed an error that was displayed on the screen after sending a function to TC-900 E Log;
  • Validating the change of the instrument address if there is no longer another active instrument with the same address;
  • Improvements inthe data export to Excel.
  • Fixes in the texts and messages of the application.
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 14/08/2017

Sitrad 1.2.3_beta

  • TCP-485 WiFi converter registration;
  • Change of RS-485 network address in the instrument MOD64;
  • Alert on screen when Sitrad Local 4.13 and Sitrad Pro service are running at the same time;
  • Adjustments to the manual loading of the datalogger;
  • Option to activate the auxiliary output of Microsol II E plus;
  • Display of virtual limits in the chart adjusted;
  • Automatic chart update adjusted;
  • Disabling the advanced functions of TC-900 E Log when in basic mode;
  • Improvement to ignore invalid bytes in theinstrument response when the RS-485 network is noisy;
  • Event Log creation updated when someone changed a function directly in the instrument;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 25/07/2017

Sitrad 1.2.2_beta

  • Automatic search of Sitrad Pro servers in the internal network;
  • Periodic delivery of text report and alarms via e-mail;
  • Improvement in the automatic converter reconnection when the converter has no registered instruments;
  • Activation of the auxiliary output of Microsol II E plus;
  • Improvements in the tools menu of the graphical report screen;
  • Other improvements and fixes from the beta version;
  • All implementations of Sitrad Pro 1.1.18.

Update: 25/07/2017

Sitrad 1.1.18

  • Improvement to identify the installation's unique ID.
  • Performance improvements on the server.
  • Name of the test server changed to 'DemoServer' in the new installations.
  • Improvement of the display of values of PCT-3001 plus.
  • Translation of the description of functions of MT-512E Log, TC-900E Log, and TC-960E Log.
  • Improvements in the routine of delivery of alarms bye-mail.
  • Minimum time between alarm deliveries increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
  • Other internal improvements.

Update: 13/07/2017

Sitrad 1.1.17

  • Sitrad PRO digital certificate renewed
  • Adjustment of the instrument tree in the reporting functionality - sitradpro-1460
  • Changes in the functions of MT-530 E Super v.3 - sitradpro-1512 corrected
  • Improper values in VX-950 plus - sitradpro-1481 corrected
  • Delivery of alarms via e-mail corrected to be in the language of each notified user - sitradpro-1508
  • Access tothe screen of parameters in instrument TM-543Ri plus - sitradpro-1535 corrected

Update: 03/07/2017

Sitrad 1.2.0_beta

  • Instruments: EnergyLOG plus, MT-516 RVTi plus, Microsol II E plus, MT-512 Ri LOG, RT-607 E plus, TI-44 E plus, MT-543 E plus, MT-543 E LOG, and VX-950 plus v.2;
  • Initial step-by-stepsystem configuration: When running for the first time the system allows changing the password of the 'admin' user, configuring the SMTP server to send e-mails, configuring security preferences, search converters and instruments, and has a system use mini-tutorial;
  • Import / Export receipt to file;
  • The user is allowed to specify a delay before sending an e-mail for a particular alarm in a particular instrument;
  • Server name registry created so that in the future the servers can be differentiated by name and not only by IP when making an automatic search of servers in the network;
  • Manual loading of the instrument datalogger. Until then the loading was done automatically just to fill gaps in the chart;
  • Option to save the current parameters of an instrument as areceipt;
  • Printingof an instrument’scurrent parameters;
  • Button to copy the table of current parameters of an instrument to Windows memory, thus allowing pasting the values in an Excel spreadsheet or e-mail;
  • Option to add horizontal and vertical lines in the chart;
  • Allowed to hide curves of a chart whenthe chart is already being displayed on the screen;
  • Printing of the event log and system occurrences;
  • Alarm report;
  • Option to activate alarm inhibition during defrost;
  • Limits configured for the alarm included in the respective alarm message;
  • Other improvements in screens and functionalities;
  • All changes included in Sitrad Pro 1.1.17.

Update: 04/04/2017

Sitrad 1.1.16

  • Sitrad splash screen updated (SplashScreen);
  • Instrument clock presentation adjusted;
  • Instrument name presentation adjusted;
  • Recipe generation validations included;
  • Change of instrument's registry data is now fixed;
  • Change of functions fixed on MT-530E inverter Super V.5;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 07/03/2017

Sitrad 1.2.1_beta

  • Adjustment in the installation to avoid old database migration conflict.

Update: 20/02/2017

Sitrad 1.1.15

  • • Version changed from 5.1 to 1.1.

Update: 09/02/2017

Sitrad 5.1.14

  • 'Release Candidate' status removed;
  • Overheating temperature added on VX-950 plus;
  • Minimum password length set to five characters.Can be changed in the preferences section;
  • Adjustment on the Macros screen;
  • Adjustment on the save permissions screen;
  • Adjustments in the default permissions of the Technical user and the Operator user;
  • Adjustments to the recurrences of schedules;
  • Adjustments in the access permissions screen per user;
  • Adjustments in the display of the alarm limits in the graphic report;
  • Sending of periodic reports via e-mail fixed;
  • Sitrad logo fixed, which was not showing in the serial key email;
  • Chart that did not show the instrument’s communication failure is now fixed;
  • Other adjustments and improvements.

Update: 23/12/2016

Sitrad 5.1.13_RC4

  • Fixes and improvements for the defrost and the event scheduling screen;
  • Corrections and improvements in the general schedules screen;
  • Fixes for the graphic report screen;
  • Fixes for the validations of user blocking;
  • Corrections in the configuration of alarms on PCT-3001 plus;
  • Description of functions added for MT-512E Log;
  • Improvements in the alarm acknowledgement screen.

Update: 14/12/2016

Sitrad 5.1.12_RC3

  • Linking of Microsol II plus the auxiliaries to the respective event scheduling;
  • Inhibition scheduling, with a recurrence over the weekend, is now fixed.
  • Sending of functions of TC-900E Log is now fixed;
  • Inverted configuration of the number of horizontal and vertical lines fixed in the chart;
  • Generation of the instruments’ fault alarm during a connection failure of TCP-485 now fixed;
  • Improvements in the scheduling screen;
  • Date and time columns unified in the text report;
  • Option created to allow for the sorting of the text report by clicking on the column title;
  • Presets of text reports removed from the options for the periodic sending via e-mail;
  • Refresh button on the general alarm list screen;
  • Preventing the removal of all servers from the registry of servers;
  • Preventing the removal of a report preset while it is being used by a sending schedule via e-mail;
  • Improvement of the validation of registry keys.

Update: 21/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.11_RC2

  • Performance improvement in remote access (data compression);
  • Several improvements in the graphic report screen;
  • Option added to show the values of the curves in the chart;
  • Defrost symbol changed on MT-512Ri screen;
  • Sorting of functions by column of values removed;
  • Display of values on PCT-410E plus screen fixed;
  • Fixed UPnP setting that was using the IP of the gateway to free the port on the network router;
  • Fixed the sending of e-mails that had, until then, been sent via a secure connection (SSL);
  • Status of the converters added to the list of converters on the server screen;
  • Fixed the alarm limits defined in the instrument that were not showing on the chart.

Update: 04/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.10_RC1

  • Application changed from the beta to the Release Candidate 1;
  • Fixed removal of scheduling that was not stopping the event on the server;
  • Improvement to the recipe sending log;
  • Event logging screen resized.

Update: 01/11/2016

Sitrad 5.1.9_beta

  • Performance improvements when starting and stopping the service;
  • Performance improvements in its remote access.Some features will not work if the Desktop or the Service is running older versions;
  • Implementation of Model Microsol II plus v.3, v.4, v.5 and v.6;
  • Improvements in security validations;
  • Fixes in the generation of graphic reporting when several instruments are selected;
  • A converter connection status column added to the server information screen;
  • Fixes and improvements in scheduling (macro, report and inhibition).
  • Validation to forbid the repeating of converters’ names;
  • Instrument’s unprogrammed alarm (PPP) created on the instruments that send this information to Sitrad;
  • Blocking usersafter successive authentication attempts is now fixed;
  • Different colors created depending on the type of scheduling;
  • Improvements to the event logging screen;
  • Data loading progress display for the graphic report is now fixed;
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Update: 14/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.8_beta

  • Alarm inhibition scheduling fixed;
  • Local server connection after installation fixed;
  • Reporting of printing and exporting fixed;
  • Fixes in the security configuration screen,which was not saving the number of failures for account blocking;
  • Change of the sensor’s name and color fixed.The same name was being replicated in other instruments;
  • Preventing macro from being saved without selecting a function;
  • Registration screen modified on Sitrad Desktop to make it more intuitive;
  • Going to the converter status screen after registering a new converter;
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Update: 07/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.7_beta

  • Fixes in the listing of alarms that left the instrument name blank;
  • Alarm inhibition saving now fixed;
  • Fixes in the validation of third sensor alarm of PhaseLogE plus;
  • Improvements in the software registration process;
  • Improvement in the report generation of PCT-3001 plus;
  • Out-of-range alarms of some instruments modified.

Update: 04/10/2016

Sitrad 5.1.6_beta

  • Fixes in the validation of alarms;
  • Fixes in the server display sequence on the listing screen;
  • Fixes in the adjustment of the screen size when resizing the Sitrad Desktop;
  • Fixed the transparent border that was shown in the Sitrad Desktop when opened in Windows 7 with Aero active;
  • Fixed the issue of a function sending to another instrument that contains groups of functions;
  • Stop and restart service in Windows 10 fixed.It was not recording in the log and in some cases the service was not restarting;
  • Fixes in the display of decimal places in some of the instruments’ screen values;
  • Search option added to the alarm configuration screen;
  • Permission for the used port to try to make aNAT connection in the modem using the UPnP added to the Windows firewall;
  • Permission added to the database folder so that any user can erase the database;
  • Change of the icons that represent the instrument variables in the report creation screen;
  • Improvements to the display of values on MT-543Ri Log screen;
  • Translation of texts that were pending translation;
  • Performance improvements in remote access;
  • Other improvements and minor fixes.

Update: 14/09/2016

Sitrad 5.1.5_beta

  • Configuration of the outputs of implemented PCT-3001 plus;
  • Improvements in the software registration process;
  • Failure to enter the instrument’s setup screen is now fixed;
  • Exchange of information between client / server now optimized to improve the performance of the application;
  • Automatic reconnection when the server is restarted is now fixed on the Desktop;
  • Improvements and fixes in the view of the listing mode;
  • Access permissions created for new features;
  • Improvements in the registration of servers;
  • Fixes in the occurrence of alarms of TC-900Ri clock;
  • Fixes on the alarm query screen when connected to two servers simultaneously.

Update: 26/08/2016

Sitrad 5.1.4_beta

  • Software registration procedure now implemented;
  • Restriction of sending alarms per user;
  • Listing view screen ('Viewer' mode);
  • Instrument model PCT-3001 (partially) implemented;
  • Performance improvement when starting the service by moving the database update to the installer;
  • Preference 'proxy.keepAlive' created in the Desktop as a workaround for the blockage that we are facing with the new authenticated proxy of Full Gauge Controls;
  • Error message when changing the user's password is now fixed;
  • The error causing the disappearance of the client image after restarting the application is now fixed.

Update: 22/07/2016

Sitrad 5.1.3_beta

  • TCP-485 v.3 converter registration;
  • Option to connect an Ethernet converter using MAC Address instead of an IP;
  • Alarm occurrence inhibition scheduling per instrument;
  • Routine implemented to try andautomatically release / redirect port 8001 in the Internet modem using UPnP;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.38changes.

Update: 15/06/2016

Sitrad 5.1.2_beta

  • Client image insertion issuenow fixed;
  • Service initiation issuenow fixed;
  • All of theSitrad 5.0.36changes.

Update: 08/06/2016

Sitrad 5.1.1_beta

  • Service and Desktop installers unified;
  • Improvements in the configurations of the instrument’s alarm.Now the minimum and maximum values configured in the instrument's parameters are displayed;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.35changes.

Update: 28/04/2016

Sitrad 5.1.0_beta

  • Client image and name within the application and in printings;
  • All of the Sitrad 5.0.34changes.