Will Sitrad 4.13 be discontinued? 

Yes, the prior version of Sitrad PRO will be discontinued. We do not support this version as of 12/31/2023. In case your app requires a specific resource of the Sitrad 4.13 version, please contact suporte@fullgauge.com.br 

What is Sitrad Desktop? 

Sitrad PRO is divided into two modules, Sitrad Desktop and Sitrad Service. The Service module is in charge of storing and handling the data sent by the converters, as well as keeping the registries and alarms, whereas the Desktop module is in charge of the user interaction with the database (display information and send commands… Continue reading What is Sitrad Desktop? 

Does Sitrad PRO work on mobile phones? 

Yes. The mobile version for tablets and mobile phones works as Sitrad Desktop, being used as an information display device and sending commands and recipes.  Sitrad Mobile does not act as a server storing data sent by the converters.  

Why is Sitrad PRO reliable?   

Because Sitrad has been developed since 1997 by the developing team at Full Gauge, using high-level, high-complexity cryptography, which is constantly updated to prioritize safe data storage and handling.  

Which languages is Sitrad PRO available in?

Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Turkish.  

How much does Sitrad PRO cost?  

Sitrad is available for free to download and use through the website.