What is the API, and how can I use it?

APIs ( Application Programming Interface) are a type of “bridge” that connects apps.  They provide the integration between systems developed in totally different languages safely and quickly.  

The Sitrad PRO’s API is available through a web service based on the REST standard with data exchange in JSON format, and it is available on the machine the Sitrad service is installed.  

Through this, an app may request to Sitrad PRO the current temperature of an instrument, its temperature log, information about alarms, and much more.  It is also possible to use the resource, for example, to modify an instrument’s control temperature (setpoint).  

All integration possibilities between the apps are available for their consultation through a document, and you can access our demo server at https://fgserver-pro.sitrad.com/api/docs (the browser may flag the site’s certificate as invalid since it is a self-signed certificate. You can accept and continue browsing.) 

You can access more documents, activation instructions, and documents from other forms and integration examples at https://gitlab.com/full-gauge/sitrad/api-docs.