How many Full Gauge instruments does Sitrad PRO support?

The capacity of Sitrad PRO is limitless, but when using several controllers in the same server, the computer’s processing power will increase.  And the capacity of Sitrad PRO is different from the converter’s capacity.  You may add several converters to the same service, but each converter has a limit of 32 instruments per serial gate.

Does Sitrad PRO work with a turned-off screen and user signed out? 

Yes, Sitrad PRO runs as a Windows server, meaning it works before you log in.  The computer only has to be turned on.

Can I see more than one server at the same time?  

Yes, Sitrad PRO has a “Viewer” mode, which allows you to visualize several servers on the same screen.

Is Sitrad PRO compatible with all Full Gauge instruments?  

Only a few older models and inputs are not compatible. You can check the list of compatible products here.

What is the minimum configuration my computer must have to install Sitrad PRO?

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  Windows 7 SP1 or higher  Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher  Microsoft .Net framework 4.7.2*  1 GHz processor  3 GB RAM  4.5 GB of free HDD space  *(in case it is not installed, Sitrad will perform the download upon installation)

What do I need to access and use Sitrad PRO remotely? 

You can choose to have a fixed IP hired with an internet service provider. This option demands a higher knowledge about networks and IT. Or you can use Remote ID, a service free of charge supplied by Full Gauge together with Sitrad PRO. Independently of the remote connection mode, it is necessary to open a… Continue reading What do I need to access and use Sitrad PRO remotely?